Graffiti Clean-Up on 3A

Victor Pap Painting Panda Rug

 On September 26th, Victor Pap and a few North Weymouth residents met at Panda Rug on 3A.  If you haven’t noticed, that area (along with Sea St.) has been a major target for graffiti lately.  It’s disgusting and needs to stop.


Local 3 year-olds Help Clean Up

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all to paint over the graffiti.  Hopefully the “artists” won’t see it as a blank slate. 

I am hoping this picture shows hope and promise for a better North Weymouth in the future.  2 North Weymouth 3 year-olds even joined in the clean-up.  During the painting, one of them said “You aren’t suppose to draw on walls.  Only paper.” 

Many thanks to Victor Pap for responding so quickly to the concerns of a few citizens in North Weymouth.  We need more residents to speak up and take action in our community.