Where in the World is North Weymouth?

Where in the World is North Weymouth?

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We’re pleased to announce a 2014 photo contest!  As you may know, we have been selling “North Weymouth” t-shirts at various Weymouth events.  We still have some – and they are only $6 each and we offer free pickup/delivery in Weymouth.  Please email northweymouthca@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing one or more.

So what’s the contest?  Submit a picture of yourself or loved one wearing your North Weymouth shirt somewhere exotic – it could be at a corn maze in Bridgewater, in Dubai, in Montana – the possibilities are endless!  In February 2018, the Board will pick their favorite photo based on uniqueness and Facebook likes.  The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to a North Weymouth restaurant – will it be Kelly’s?  Will it be Cathay?  Will it be The Mooring?  One never knows!  

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The Deloreys in Sedona, Arizona!

Watch for submissions and updates on our Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/northweymouth