Great Hill Park Clean Up – A Success!

On May 8th, the Civic Association along with other residents helped clean up Great Hill Park.  It was a rainy day, but it didn’t stop some tenacious volunteers from showing up.  We managed to drag a lot of debris out of the park:  A mattress, an air conditioner, many tires, a section of old countertop, along with about 20 bags of trash.  We didn’t take after pictures until after some of the garbage was already picked up.  But here are a few:

Although we didn’t get as much done as we would have liked due to the weather, we were able to pick up most of the trash on the road leading up to Great Hill, the actual park itself, and a lot of garbage down the dirt road leading to Baylee Dr./Regatta Rd.  We didn’t get to do any landscaping of sorts, but the park is in pretty good shape.  We still should concentrate on trying to get some of the benches repaired sooner than later.

We cleaned up Great Hill Park in part with Weymouth’s Town Wide Clean Up.  We’d like to thank Mayor Kay, the Department of Public Works, and Pepsi for helping in aid our clean up by providing gloves, bags, refreshments and a great cookout after.

Our next North Weymouth Clean Up will take place on June 12th from 10am -12pm at the Great Esker Playground/Ball Fields.  The original flyer stated that would meet at the entrance behind Margarita’s, but due to the size of Great Esker and the outstanding clean up performed by National Grid on Earth Day.  Because of this, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on just the playground and ball fields by Julia Rd.

Hope to see you at our June 12th get together!

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