Town’s Five Year Consolidated Planning Strategy for 2010-2014

On Wednesday, November 4th, 3 members of the NWCA attended a meeting to discuss the Town’s Five Year Consolidated Planning Strategy for 2010-2014.  Specifically, how the town will use funds for future Community Development Block Grant activities.

In summary, the town typically receives money (it’s usually about $800-$900K) per year that goes to help low to moderate income areas of town or activities that low to moderate income families use.  Unfortunately, the only section in North Weymouth that is considered to be low to moderate income is the area between Sea Street and Blackstone St. 

We did mention some items and services that could benefit North Weymouth.  Most people in attendance agreed that all sidewalks in town need improvement as well as combatting the drug issue in Weymouth.  We fought for a preservation of Great Hill Park, services for elderly residents who fall ill and have trouble paying bills, services for citizens who are experience health problems due to the chemicals left behind from the Conoco fertilizer plant, an overhaul of the seawalls (specifically all of the staircases that are pulling away from the seawall), and programs to help first-time home buyers who just fall short of being able to purchase homes in Weymouth (typically families who are making about 80% of the median income who just need a little help to get them into a home), graffiti clean-up and some minor structural issues with the ARC building located on River St.


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