Fore River Bridge Construction

For more detailed information and updates about the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project, please visit the DEDICATED FORE RIVER BRIDGE PAGE AT MASSDOT.

In August 2012, J.F White & Skanska-Koch were awarded the contract for $244 million to construct a new Fore River Bridge.  Construction began in November 2012 and was for the most part completed in 2017.   The new Fore River Bridge was opened to full traffic October 1st, 2017.  Some finishing touches are still being wrapped up as of February 2019.

new fore river bridge

This newly designed bridge has replaced the temporary one which was built in 2002.  The “temporary” bridge was designed for a lifespan of 15 years.

(image provided by MassDOT)


This is a picture of the Bascule style bridge which was built in 1936.  Many residents fought to bring back this style of bridge.  However, due to the channel width restrictions, MassDOT went ahead with designing a vertical-lift structure.

(Image provided by Boston Globe)


News Articles Published about Bridge


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11/9/2012 – Patriot Ledger.  Officials break ground on new Fore River Bridge project

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8/9/2012 – Patriot Ledger.  State awards contract for vertical-lift Fore River Bridge

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2/28/2012 – Weymouth News.  Kay and Lynch don’t agree on bridge proposal

2/23/2012 – Weymouth News.  Vertical-lift Fore River Bridge now seems best to Lynch

2/23/2012 – Patriot Ledger.  Vertical-lift Fore River Bridge now seems best to Lynch

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2/14/2012 – Patriot Ledger.  Congressman Lynch vows to press Coast Guard on Fore River Bridge alternatives

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2/14/2012 – Weymouth News.  Congressman Lynch vows to press Coast Guard on Fore River Bridge alternatives

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11/29/2011 – Weymouth News.  Bridge traffic plan raises concerns

10/22/2011 – Weymouth News.  VIDEO: Weymouth at-large council candidates differ over bridge proposal

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2/28/2011 – Weymouth News.  Braintree council supports Fore River drawbridge proposal

2/17/2011 – Patriot Ledger.  Braintree council supports change in Fore River Bridge design

1/19/2011 – Weymouth News.  Weymouth town council raises drawbridge proposal to state

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12/14/2010 – Weymouth News.  Weymouth residents feel left out of bridge proposal

10/19/2010 – Weymouth News.  Fore River bridge plan raises Weymouth council’s concerns

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9/5/2010 – Patriot Ledger.  Weymouth residents oppose new Fore River Bridge design

5/21/2010 – Weymouth News.  Weymouth commission wants historical link for new bridge

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1/29/2010 – Weymouth News.  Fore River Bridge hearing set Feb. 24

1/29/2010 – Patriot Ledger.  Fore River Bridge hearing scheduled for Feb. 24 in Hingham


6/2/2009 – Weymouth News.  Historical design urged for new bridge


11/24/2008 – Weymouth News.  (video)State gives green light to Fore River Bridge reconstruction

8/25/2008 – Weymouth News.  Safety improvements made on Fore River Bridge